The Belt and Road
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The Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative – Mobile Payment

B&R focus on strengthening the cooperation in Policy, facilities, trade, capital and people. And what’s more, mobile payment is one of the measures to improve consumption and promote Economic Development.

The Belt and Road

The Belt and Road

  • Senior officials from international financial institutions have urged

    governments and companies accelerate the pace of financial connectivity, and then build close relations with the private company. More importantly, we can participate in the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • IMF deputy managing director Zhang Tao said that

    measures like cross-border payment, mobile banking products as well as relaxing financing supply restrictions would encourage financial institutions to provide more supports to the real economy in markets.

Barcode Scanner meet B&R
Mobile payment

Mobile payment

With popularizing about B&R, electronic industry has shown more fashion pos machine like barcode scanner, pos terminal, thermal printer and card reader.

Especially, scanner is widely used in logistics, medical supervision, library, mail management, inventory, insurance, customs, railway and other industries. In addition, it can scan 1D&2D codes, commodity and cell phone screen. All in all, barcode scanner brings you more convenient.

Mobile payment promote Economic Development

What’s more, now you go out without having cash, only a cell phone which can make the payment on the supermarket, restaurant or retail shops.

You can scan shop’s payment code, in contrast, businessmen also can scan your own codes like Wechat and Alipay to finish the order. Therefore, people do not worry about getting a fake cash in mobile payment.

2016 is the outbreak about mobile payments. On February 18, Apple Pay officially registered in China. Besides, Samsung and Huawei also join the ranks of mobile payment, mobile payment becomes more and more common.

Milestone join in R&D

Mobile payment shows us its function for people, at the same time, Milestone shows people their strength. Milestone has released many products which meet the trend of the times, including mobile POS terminal, Bluetooth printer, barcode scanner.

We will try our best to develop business cooperation with other countries, creating business trust between customs and us, promoting Economic Development between country and country.

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