Milestone bluetooth thermal printer
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The arrival of Bluetooth Thermal Printer


What is thermal printer

Thermal printer, using direct thermal printing method, which works by installing a semiconductor heating element on the printer head. When the printer head is heated and then touch thermal paper, it can print out text or picture you want.

Thermal printing technology used on fax machines in the first. With the development of technology and advancement of society, human’s request becomes higher and higher. Like a supermarket, restaurant, retail shop, they hope can get one printer which doesn’t need ribbon and ink to print receipt or label. For that, thermal printers were out like MHT-P80A or MHT-P58A, they print more quietly and faster than dot matrix printer. They are also smaller, lighter and consume less power, making them ideal for portable and retail applications.

Now the proportion of outdoor applications is bigger and bigger, they are dissatisfied about the desktop thermal printer, think it is not convenient to carry on when they are out for work, and besides, they want to get a small portable thermal printer which can link mobile phone by Bluetooth to use. Therefore, we make new designs all the time like MHT-5801 and MHT-8001, they are a portable Bluetooth thermal printer, can be compatible with Android, IOS and PC operating system.

bluetooth thermal printer

bluetooth thermal printer

How to use Bluetooth thermal printer

  • First, open the power of printer
  • Second, open phone’s Bluetooth
  • Third, find the ID name of Bluetooth thermal printer and write down pin code
  • When it link successfully, the printer can use.
bluetooth printer

bluetooth printer

Where can use Thermal Printer

The thermal printer has been widely used in POS systems, bank systems, medical instruments and other fields.

For example, in some food shop including cake, bread, coffee, snacks, thermal printer can print label with product name, price and barcode/QR code, it’s convenient for clients to know the product details; in addition, when clients make the payment, they can get receipt to check their expenditure.