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Time Attendance machine

Our products become more and more diversified. Except for pos machine, barcode scanner, thermal printer and card reader, recently we have released new products – time attendance machine.

fingerprint time attendance machine

fingerprint time attendance machine

The type, application and use of Time attendance machine

About time attendance device, we have some designs which can distinguish facial, fingerprint or IC/ID card.

It is widely used in company, supermarket, restaurant, hotel and school. Besides, it can make your company more standard, for example, you can know the personnel absenteeism situation by check the time attendance data.
So how to export the data? You can use USB cable or USB flash disk to download the data about all staffs.

This time attendance machine can recognize through facial, fingerprint, password, not just a fingerprint. Traditional time attendance machine recognizes just through fingerprint, but our new time attendance machine can distinguish through facial and password, more choice for you.


facial time attendance machine

facial time attendance machine

Introduction about F3 time attendance

Especially for our F3 facial&fingerprint time attendance device, there are 300 faces, 3000 fingerprint and 100000 storage capacities. With 2.8inch TFT LCD, it can identify clearly. And more importantly, when at the end of the month, you just need u-disk to download the data to an excel form, no need software. And besides, the size of the product is just 195*140*91.9mm, it’s smart and easy to hang on the wall. In addition, we also have other designs, more details you can find in this link or

The Development of Information&Technology

All of these changes have benefited from the development of science and technology, the development of science and technology makes people’s way of lives constantly changing.

Meanwhile, the development of information technology makes people’s life more comfortable and more diversified. The change of time attendance device is a sample, it improved our work efficiency. It makes save more time to do more meaningful things. It is a great improvement for our human beings. Ladies and gentlemen, let us work together to create a better tomorrow.

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