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Mobile Phone APP, A Convenient Travel

Mobile Phone APP, A Convenient Travel

Looking at the topic, you must have many doubts for mobile phone app:

  1. How to buy food in foreign countries?
  2. Booking a hotel without cash just mobile phone app?
  3. How to take taxi or bus if you have no cash?

The answer is you just need a mobile phone with Alipay or WeChat.

mobile phone app

mobile phone app

Every time we go for a trip, we have to exchange some local currency. Otherwise, you can’t do anything in this country. It’s really troublesome.

But for now, only if you have a mobile phone with WeChat or Alipay apps you can do more things in there.


mobile phone app

mobile phone app

At present, many places have using WeChat, including China Hong Kong and Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and so on.Meanwhile, it supports the currency directly settling

Meanwhile, it supports the currency directly settling

  • Thailand

At present, WeChat payment has been achieved in Thailand full coverage.

  • Singapore

In the airport, part of the duty-free shops will use it.

But the locals still prefer to use Visa card with the wave logo. As long as the card placed within 4 cm, the reader will display the information.

  • Korea

South Korea, the local people most use is a payment card, WeChat payment only part of the Chinese people in use.

  • Japan

WeChat and prepaid products with a trading services company, the future will have 50,000 Japanese retail stores all support WeChat payment.

  • Australia

Australian airport large chain duty-free shops JRDutyFree has taken the lead in full access to WeChat payment.

  • New Zealand

Last year, WeChat entered into one company of New Zealand in mobile payment market.

In June, WeChat payment also land in the UK.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Tencent also intends to cooperate with shopping malls of French and German, to attract more brands using payment services.


mobile phone app

mobile phone app

The latest news that later in Singapore, Malaysia, and even in the Philippines can use Alipay to pay the treasure.

More than Southeast Asia, Alipay’s reach has already extended to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

At present, Alipay has access to Russia, the United States, Spain, France, Brazil and more than 200 countries and regions, while supporting the dollar, Hong Kong dollar, sterling, euro, yen and other 18 kinds of currency settlement.